You are here to play!

What can be more fun than play? At Playolah, kids can play all they want! Our four locations are filled with countless fun-packed activities. Kids can explore, learn and run around freely in our custom-made playground. Our play area is specifically designed with kids' favorite things-to-do in mind with intention to keep them moving and to forget about the electronics and just play!


It is a destination playground for kids and parents alike. Here we have toys and equipment that stimulates the child’s inquisitive mind and challenges them, encouraging a mind developing and creative experience with lots of fun.



Playolah's mission is to provide a loving, engaging and safe environment for kids to learn through purposeful play. We strive to provide a high-quality environment that kids love, parents trust and employees are proud to be a part of.


At Playolah, we believe that childhood is a unique and magical stage of life. We believe that children learn best by doing what they love, playing! Through purposeful play, children develop intellectually, socially, physically and emotionally. As such, we have filled our playground with activities that engage the child’s imagination, encourage teamwork and stimulate their natural curiosity to understand and explore the world around them.


This is no child's play, it's pure dedication to providing the best we can for everyone; kids, parents and our employees alike. 

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